THE BULGAIAN NATIONAL SOCIETY OF OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGY, HEAD AND NECK SURGERY is managed by the Executive Board consisting of a Chairperson and six members: a Treasurer, four Deputy Chairs and a Secretary chosen by the General Assembly of the Society.

Chairperson: Prof. Karen Dzhambazov, MD, PhD

Board members:
Prof. Rumen Benchev, MD, PhD – Treasurer; Coordinator for conferences and symposia

Prof. Valentin Stoyanov MD, PhD – Secretary; Coordinator for outpatient medical care
Prof. Dilyana Vicheva MD, PhD – Coordinator for international cooperation
Prof. Diana Popova MD, PhD – Coordinator for standards, regulations and consensus
Assoc. Prof. Mario Milkov, MD, PhD – Coordinator for the development of the journal, website and event calendar

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yulian Rangachev, MD, PhD – Coordinator for inpatient medical care

Dr. Tsvetan Danev
Dr. Tony Daskalov
Dr. Georgy Megdanov