Mission and goals

THE BULGAIAN NATIONAL SOCIETY OF OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGY, HEAD AND NECK SURGERY is a non-profit organisation – an independent legal entity, separate from its members, otorhinolaryngologists from the Republic of Bulgaria, voluntary, independent and politically not affiliated, for performing activities of public benefit.

The Society is committed to:

  • Assist Bulgarian otorhinolaryngologists to upgrade their qualifications, to support them in their career development and encourage their creative and scientific work.
  • Promote establishing and developing professional contacts among otorhinolaryngologists in Bulgaria as well as contacts with otorhinolaryngologists from the EU and other countries.
  • Contribute for the development of otorhinolaryngology in compliance with the approved state standards.
  • Facilitate introducing the most modern diagnostic and treatment methods into the otorhinolaryngology practice.
  • Protect the professional interests of otorhinolaryngologists in the country.

The Society achieves its goals through:

  • Organising and holding congresses, conferences, symposia, workshops and training courses on otorhinolaryngology issues, on the territory of the country, and participation in international events to exchange scientific information and practical trends.
  • Publication of a national journal of the Society as a scientific printed periodical.
  • Participation in national and international projects regarding significant and/or current otorhinolaryngology problems.
  • Creating and launching a website of the Society.
  • Lobbying and protecting otorhinolaryngologists’ interests and the interests of the organisation in front of government and non-government organisations and third parties.

Additional activities connected with the main subject of activity, in compliance with the applicable national regulations, are: promotional activities, publication of articles and works in specialised scientific journals, publication of specialised questionnaires, books, journals with research papers; organising specialised lecture courses and practical courses at the Society, participation in otorhinolaryngology projects; participation of the Governing Board in cooperatives and companies and in other activities connected with the goals and objectives of the Society where the proceeds from additional economic activities will go towards achieving the goals of the Society